“We have been so blessed to have the opportunity to spend our time at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and with the help of many other volunteers, child life specialists, employees, doctors, nurses, and so many others are happy we can make a difference in someone else’s life.”

The mission at Goldy’s Fund 4 Kids is to help patients and their families at Phoenix Children’s Hospital by providing direct help to them through hands on volunteering and time together as well as providing tangible products to help the patients stay positive and get healthy during their time in the hospital.

The goal at GF4K is to help as many patients and families as possible in the best way they know how.  GF4K wants to have a positive impact on the experience patients and their families have during this extremely tough time in their lives and be a part of the recovery process to a healthy life.

This includes throwing birthday parties and other themed parties for patients who cannot leave the hospital as well as providing those in need with access to movies, iPads, gift cards, books, and more to help them while they are at PCH.  While Goldy’s Fund 4 Kids can not provide the medical expertise that the many doctors and nurses who tirelessly work at the hospital do, they do their part by helping to keep patients positive during their stay at the hospital.

Goldy’s Fund 4 Kids also wants to publicly share the positive experience of volunteering and the huge impact it can have to inspire other people to volunteer for a cause that is important to them.